Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Describe Frederick’s mistress and the way she changes.

Hereinafter, the development of the mistress’ character in the “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” written by Frederick Douglass, will be depicted.

In the beginning the misstress treated everyone equally and supported the ones in need for instance the starving people. What is more, she instructed Frederick Douglass to write and to read though the society was split up into the whites and the blacks and the education of the latter was not only forbidden but also persecuted and punished hard. Therefore, the mistress’ character traits are outlined as kind, pious & warm ( l.4,  l.19). She radiated a lamb-like attitude with heavenly qualities and a lack of the wicked (l.23,l.8,ll.19f.). After the master’s instruction, this can be seen in the process of change as the mistress did not succeed in an immediate alteration but in a change step-by-step (ll.8f.)  Following the transformation of the mistress’ ethical values, her character traits turned out to be the contrary as before. Now her heart turned to stone and the lamb-like disposition changed to tiger-like fierceness (ll.24f.). In accordance with her husband, she victimized the slave and even become more violent than Mr Hugh and conducted surveillance and suspicion because she now shared the opinion that education and slavery wre incompatible with each other (ll.36f.,ll.32).