Hereinafter, I start with an objective description of Kevin Dietsch’s cartoon published on cagle in the year 2008. The subsequent part of the approach is an interpretation including my background knowledge in reference to the African-American history and it finishes off with an justified conclusion.

This black and white cartoon of the year 2008 depicts two dark coloured men in suits on a platform. The black platform consists of two parts whose bigger part is below on which one can read ‘HISTORY’ in white and capital letters. That podium takes nearly the lower half of this image. Being on the way up to the top, the left man whose thin shape, big ears, big chin, thick eyebrows and oval face with few hair are striking, reaches out his right hand for that of the other man.  While his left hand and his left foot search stability on the top of the podium, his right knee backs on the bottom step. His facial expression highlights the effort he makes because due to corners of his mouth just as the position of his eye brows, he is rather curious, discontent and worried. The right man is in ratio to the left male exaggeratively huge that means his width is tripled of the man on the step whereas in comparison, one cannot see the height since the part from the pectoral area upwards is out of sight. The more corpulent and higher man on the right side of the podium wears as well as the left man a black suit with tie and white chemise but in contrast to his fellow, ‘MLK’ is written on his breast pocket and in his left hand he holds a bundle of papers on which ‘ I HAVE A DREAM’ and ‘ 28 August 1963’ is considerable.

With regard to the description, one is capable of associating the two illustrated men with two black man of tremendous importance for the history of African-Americans. The tiny man making his way up, represents Barack Obama, the present US President of America whereas the big one images the prominent leader in the African American civil rights movement Martin Luther King.

The podium on which Martin Luther King is located and on which Barack Obama climbs, shall display their role in history, seeing the captial letters. Considering that the exaggerated physical characteristics remind of these men, the different proportion of the men catches one’s eye. On the one hand, Martin Luther King’s actions as an civil rights activist practicing methods without the use of violence left significant marks on the history of modern American liberalism. On the other hand, due to his death, his time is over and as an unavoidable effect of both aspects, Martin Luther King stands on the top of the podium and is depicted in another ratio. Anyways, Barack Obama climbs up the stairs to the top. He succeeds in holding as the first black the office of  the American president. With reference to this, Obama also poses a milestone in the African-American Experience. Nevertheless, one remarks based on his facial expression his sorrow. That  implicitly conveys that Barack Obama has an arduous path to walk, facing many many troubles and grievances until he is finally able to attain his ends.