A Soul in Chains

-Frederick Douglass

The text ” A Soul in Chains” an excerpt of ” A Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass” written by Frederick Douglass in 1845, deals with his everyday life as a slave in America.

The slaves are not accepted as legal citizens of the USA but as property. That is the reason why slaveholders are not restricted in any matter in behaving towards those because there is no protection by law. Slaves are hold in most of the cases on plantations or farms in groups of dozens to hundreds. In this period of slavery, each  adult is given a certain extent of food and clothing which border nothing. Neither privileges, nor liberties for example of education but violence and subordination define life.  In general, torture plays a siginficant role in daily routine since it is used to treat troublesome labourers and to demonstrate the superior’s power. At labour, the obedient slaves have to work hard and are often punished by savage, severe and vicious overseers. Despite that, they must work on 6 of 7 days in all weathers with just 1 day of leisure and with a lack of sleep due to the fact that apart from the job on the field, slaves run a houshold, too, for instance mending, cooking, preparing the field for the next day et cetera.  As a consequence, slaves are broken in body, soul and spirit.