Biofuel Ban Act Signed Into Law, Seeks to Ease Food Shortage

Examining William Petty’s newspaper article¬† ” Biofuel Ban Act Signed Into Law, Seeks to Ease Food Shortage”, one obviously gets the impression of a quality newspaper.

The informative-text takes in relation to the picture and the headline most of the space. The central proposition can be taken from the headline, as it should be.

The content is clearly and logically structured. Another point to mention is the structure of the inverted pyramid. As the most important and significant information is provided in the beginning, the subsequent are additional information, so of less importance and therefore not conditionally necessary.

Apart from that, the educative information is given from an objective perspective via interviews and facts.

The reader is exposed to certain background information and some specific terms. Due to many subordinate clauses, this article consists of complex syntax and is expressed in a formal and precise way.

All in all, there are several significant factors indicating that this newspaper article is taken from a quality newspaper.