In the three sources ” No More Terror ” , ” The Good Friday Agreement ” and ” A Farewell to Arms ” the Peace Process in Northern Ireland is in the thick of the things.

After 25 years,  the conflict apparently ends as the Belfast Telegraph publish the information of a ceasefire by the IRA . Though many see this happening with suspicion because of several similar events in the past which were no use , their relief and their hope of a permanent peaceful compromise is obvious. Considering all the victims and the damage  which were caused by the IRA’s use of violence, everybody being characterized by the Troubles and others, wants to achieve the purpose of a peaceful compromise although it is probable impossible.

This disunitiy was constant for decades. As a result of the many and different parties the people hardly find a consensus. That decision-making bodies are influenced by surrounding / governing countries. Each wants to put the own ideas through to be in advantage and to benefit and thereforea one is in a kind of situation of a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Although firsts steps towards peace are done as in the Good Friday Agreement which guarantees a more emphasized relation  between Northern Ireland and the Republich of Ireland. Apart from that, by this  agreement the values like tolerance, trust and respect get a more siginficant role.

All in all, one can not prospect the end because the conflicts between the parties will last and there always will be extremists who support the idea of bloodshed.