Irish Music

The Irish music is a result of oral tradition .There were on the one hand unaccompanied solo singers varying the melody of every verse. In actual fact, Irish traditional music differs with the region of Ireland for example the dialect. On the other hand there was the instrumental music which initially was played on weddings or saints days for dancing like for example polkas. In order to create such a kind of music the Irish used instruments like the flute, the whistle, the harp and the banjo.


Irish Banjo


Irish Flute

In the middle years of the 20th century the Irish tried to modernise and that is why this kind of genre was low regarded. But in the 1960’s a revival of traditional Irish music took place due to the American folk music movement. Especially The Dubliners and the Clancy Brothers were leading to this progress.Today many bands like U2 connecting the Irish music with other genres are well-known all over the world.


Irish Harp


Irish Whistle