Irish Dance

Due to migration and invasions of folks like the Druids, the Celts and the Normans,different culture habits accessed to Ireland.



In the 16th century the three main dances the Irish Hey, the Long Dance and the Trenchmore were peformed often which also changed by time. People danced in couples or groups while changing the music’s velocity. Since the 18th century dancing masters in each district taught the Irish dancing. They were taught by straw and hay bound around each feet because the people did not know left and right. Apart from that each area’s group competed dancing in public. More or less these actions took place all over Ireland. Dancing on one’s own and step dancing developed in the later 18th century.

Irish Jig

irish jig

Nowadays people are dancing jigs, reels, hornpipes, sets, half-sets, polkas and step dances in many areas all over the world. The dancers remind of the past wearing dresses and outfits which resamble the costumes of 200 years ago. Competitions of Dancers peforming Irish dances regularly take place and as a tourist one even has the possibility of being teached.