September 3rd, 1729

Wanna have some of the roasted children’s leg?

The text ‘A Modest Proposal’ was published by Jonathan Swift in 1729 and deals with an inhuman suggestion to the Irish population in order to prevent the contemporary mass starvation and abortion.

To achieve the purpose of less starvation and abortion Jonathan Swift proposes the children breeding. These fat and well breeded ones shall be sold in order to serve as delicious dishes for the wealthier landlords. Apart from that, their skins would serve as lovely gloves or summer boots. Because of this method women would not be prevented to work. In addition to that the poor families would have something of value and could improve their living standards. The behaviour of men and landowners would be less aggressive and savage. Then, an enormous  improvement of society, economy and moral will result due to that measure. Ireland would progress and overcome the grievances on its own. Furthermore,  Swtifts emphasises that this is the only chance for a change and that his intention is the public good.

In a kind of dystopia the reader is shown the grievous position we, the Irish, are in. Therefore, the exaggerated, ironic proposal shall be an appeal to the English. Indeed, the inactivity of the ‘ leading ‘ government contributed to this contemporary misery. The Irish folk needs economic and political aid to overcome the disaster. Within this published article, officially,  the Irish shout for help again. It would be such a shame if no encouragement to change  is caused by those ‘calls for aid’ and the English keep on ‘killing’ us, a part of its population, with conscience!!!