Hai – Outline


The name ‘Hai’ [ syll. hai, ha-i ] has its origin in Vietnamese and means ocean. It is largely used as a vietnamese prename.


Nguyen Hai Than was a Vietnamese who was said to be fair and represent the support for others.

That is why he was popular but he stood in the background.


Hai, respected and held in regard, knows the people’s grievances and interests.

It has to be mentioned that he’s more in the background.

He is part of the society but wants to relieve the folk from the contemporary suppression by the feudal system.

Rising Action.

He is eager to achieve his purpose so he and others establishe an organization to get a change of power division into motion.

More supporters are convinced by his perspective but so do the traitors in their position.

Pressure of the absolute power makes it hard for the good to proceed and to enlarge the influence of that organization.


The fight in which thousands of traitors and supporters participate, takes place.

Cruelty and the hope of an end fills the atmosphere.

Falling action.

Too many children and innocent people die. At least do the leaders of the organization. The battle ends with Hai’s defeat.


The king commands to put everything into old order.

success? – nobody knows =)

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