Watching Their Worlds Fall Apart

Interview with Granny Nash:

Interviewer: Hello Mrs. Nash, my name is John McLain.I want to ask you some questions in order to write a biography about your grandchild Henry Smart. Can you tell me something interesting?

Granny Nash: What do i get for that? Books?

Interviewever: Sure,what ever you want.

Granny Nash: Whatever!

Interviewer: Tell me all you know about your family. How was your relationship to your daughter?

Granny Nash: Melody was dreamy and naive. She always lookd at the stars, she lived in her own world and she hada longing for her dead children. Therefore, she became depressive and an alcoholic.Henry had a bad influence on her and ruined her life.

Interviewer: Do you talk about Henry Smart Junior?

Granny Nash: No her husband, this one-legged gobshite!

Interviewer: Please, he’s still a member of your family.Why don’t you like him?

Granny Nash: What?! Nobody can say that he isn’t an asshole. I don’t like him,because I don’t like him! Give me my books or i won’t say anything else.

Interviewer: (Gives her books) Remember how your grandson Henry grew up. What can you tell me about it?

Granny Nash: ( Doesn’t listen because of reading the books)

Interviewer: Mrs. Nash?!

Granny Nash: Wait a moment. This book is so fucking interesting

Interviewer: ( shocked) I know, but may you answer my question?

Granny Nash: ( waves)

Interviewer: PLEASE!

Granny Nash: Ok,ok. What was the question again?

Interwiever: (groans) What can you tell me about Henry Smart Junior’s childhood? HENRY JUNIOR!

Granny Nash: i gave him the gift of life. He was the star of the slums. Henry Senior harmed everyone. My little daughter and my gradchildren. He was like a … I mean he WAS an idiot, the most famous idiot of Ireland. One-legged gobshite,you know? A….

Interviewer: STOP! I got it!

Granny Nash: You don’t get anything. Your remind me of him… of the bastard Henry Smart. He ruined our family.

Interviewer: (whispers) As you ruin my biography.

Granny Nash: I have good ears, ister! How dare you! Nobody talks with me this way. Don’t you have any manners? As compensation I want more booooks.

Interviewer : You greedy witch! Here are your books, do what ever you want but stop hovering me!

Granny Nash: Oh my God, you’re so naive. (Takes the books and leaves the room.)