I was on for it ; I came from a line of cop killers. I’d been chased by them ; I’d divided into underground rivers to get away from them. They were never people, the rozzers… -They are the cement, said Jack. -The peelers. We get them and it falls apart. (198,1 ff.


The quotation states similarities between HenrySmart Junior and Henry Smart Senior.

On the one hand both are represented as cop killers. On the other hand father and son have the habit to escape by using the underground rivers.

In addition to that, the policemen prevent the organistion from achieving their purpose. Therefore, Henry Smart Junior is convinced and follows the order of murder. In his opinion, the cops cannot be seen as human beings.

Quotations, supporting Henry’s idea of becoming a killer

-We’re making history, said Jack. -Not just acting it out,man. We’re writing it. D’you know why there were thousands down at the docks today?

-Because i whacked the rozzer.

-Yes.That’s why, exactly. We‘ re deciding what’s going to happen next. Not them. (191,16 ff.)

I believed him. One swipe of da’s leg and the gobshites in the Castle had hopped. We had them on strings. Now Henry Smart was a Dublin boy, a lad without equal or peer.(191,29ff.)

With the S beside your name you were never lonely.(197,24)

The police ruled the country. -And that’s why we’re going to kill them, said Jack -Assassinate every bloody one of them.(197,36 ff.)


Facts that persuades/convinces Henry Junior to become a killer are hat he is not alone anymore as he was in the past. The organization, he is in, develops to a kind of family. Apart from that, he cannot stand the policemen. Another point to mention is that he is concious about the power and the influence which he possesses. Hence, he attracts much attention which he did not get while he was a child. Henry Smart is eager to become a legend as Henry Smart Senior, his father, was. Thus, he decides to become a cop killer.