In the novel ” A Lesson Before Dying”, Ernest J. Gaines puts focus on the drastic change of Jefferson’s life, a young black man after he is unfairly sentenced to death.

Hereinafter, the chapters 7 and 8 will be summarized which deal with the annual school visit by a white superintendent .

In the church, which is to represent the school, the annual school visit takes place. The superintendent who controls the circumstances in order to be capable of giving a feedback, treats the pupils in a more or less neutral way more caring for their behavior and shape rather than for the school’s condition. Also Grant Wiggins is neglected and not regarded as equal since his request for books is ignored.

Later, the school receives its first load of wood, showing that the winter is about to come. As an inevitable consequence of seeing the children working, Grant Wiggins himself remembers his past when he has not had the options, the children now have. What is more, he  evokes memories of his relationship between his former teacher Matthew Antoine and himself. Matthew has told him to leave Bayonne in order to escape the race-thinking.