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Sam Guidry

– racist, arrogant, superior, unsympathetic, unpleasant, suspicious (p.46)

– accepting demands of Miss Emma and Tante Lou (p.118)–> wif’e’s influence

– questions regularly the situation (p.115) –> control

– thinks of his reputation even among the blacks/ Jefferson ( p.204)

–> Sam Guidry had not learnt any lesson yet since he keeps his prejudicial and superior position. He uses every possible means to maintain white supremacy and only cares for his reputation.

Paul Bonin

– white example for equality

– in the beginning ,no racist thinking but passive, not showing attitude openly

– in the end, going to the black funeral standing up for his way of thinking

–> change from passive player to acrtive one

My lesson

What I have learnt from the Ernest J. Gaines’ novel ” A Lesson Before dying” is the right to voice for the rights one has. What is more, the accent is put on positive egality and respect each and every human being deserves so that prejudices and superficiality shall be condemned contrary to the questioning of the contemporary system.

Letter to Vivian

Hey my dear,

I’ve been thinking about what will happen to Jefferson soon, about what progress he made, about what Jefferson means to me. You know, it profoundly affects me. You also know my initial attitude since I never wanted to do this. I avoid conflicts but Miss Emma and Tante Loue insisted on me to do them the favour of creating a man out of Jefferson, out of a hog, out of nothing. This task, it is priced at overcoming. I must have faced so many hindrances, humiliation, ignorance. I am not capable of outlining my feelings. It is so hard.

I suppose, the development between Jefferson and me is of tremendous importance. According to the talks  held, you acknowledge the positions we kept. While I was kind of forced, Jefferson represented the unresponsive, ignorant and desperate counter part. In the course of my visits, you know we approached each other, he began to show his emotions whose expression he never was capable of. What is more, we became close friends, despite the obstacles we faced. The white people, the pressure from outside which can be considered with Tante Loue, Miss Emma, Reverend Mose. Nevertheless, Jefferson is the victim of the white supremacy and oppression, a model of the injustice ruling here in our present and grievous society. He never got something, he must subordinate others, his whole life. Hence, I noticed that Jefferson and me, we have so much in common… We cannot accept our miserable situation in here. Jefferson is the ideal example of what the black community may achieve, a human being with dignity and with each and every other virtue, if there were no injustice, prejudices, the whites’ maintenance of their authority.

I am deeply hurt with regard to the coming verdict’s realization. He, my closest friend, my soul mate… I cannot even imagine!

Vivian how may life go on like this?

Passionate kisses