Imagine you were one of the persons present at the event described. As  a the Southerner where the events described are rather common, write a diary entry about what you’ve witnessed, describing your thoughts and emotions .

Dear Diary,

Today, a savage day as any other passed by. I do not want to keep on tolerating this but the vicious circle does not permit any solution. Again,  an Afro-American was tortured wrathly and his death was praised by the whites, everywhere. Nowhere, neither on the streets nor at home one could escape this vicious process of mutilation. Exposed to really everyone, the wracked parts of the body represented an attraction for those white monsters. The streets shimmered red since the bloody body was dragged along many streets, for many many miles. Like animals, the hundreds of whites crowded around the corpse in order to transform their anger and furiousness in aggressive, bloody and murderous actions. To smell the odor of blood, to witness the lynching, to see the people hung on trees like strange fruits, terrifiyng. The bloody fruits of white misbehaviour. Though this inconceivable operation is done in daily routine, I am shivering, if I even think about that intolerance, injustice and indifference.  Each and every very breath of the blacks must be filled with suffering and fear of being victimised in the same cruel and inhuman manner. It must be hell to live in anguish and oppression. Not only disgrace on the whites but also humiliation of the blacks take place. It is just a matter of immaturity that in our society, the peoples and races are not considered as equal. Convinced of the white supremacy, they suppress unrightfully the egal blacks. Why are the whites so keen on being superior? They are not. Not in any kind. Not in any case, it is reasonable that discrimination overwhelms fairness. It is of tremendous importance to distinguish the right from the wrong and this is obviously not yet achieved, a pitty. If they just could put themself in the place of the blacks ! They would alter, I suppose. Enlightment must revolt in the people’s mind. The happenings of the presence violate ethical values! Happiness and peaceful  coexistence will never be achieved as a purpose if equality is not provided.  I feel so sorry for the actions of my fellow men but I do not have the power to set against everyone else. En enormous pressure is put on me. If I buck the system, the same sake that I am profoundedly afraid of, would befall me. Sadly, I lack for courage. On the one hand, the wrongs arouse compassion but on the other hand, my hands are tied. I am really grieved.

Bye xoxo