This cartoon shows critically the conflict in reference to the freedom of speech.

As one can see, the four men are arrested because of statements/actions which contradict the law. While the three men on the left were imprisoned due to the danger for the state, the fourth was put under arrest because of a bad weather report which can be taken from the bubbles above.

The artist claims with the aid of this cartoon that is barely to get a solution when seeking a restriction of the freedom of expression. If not, it is even impossible to distinguish the right from the wrong  according to law. It usually depends on each case and therefore it possesses each different causes and consequences.

I agree entirely with the creator of this cartoon that in reference to the freedom of speech and thinking the right and the wrong stay close to each other. The exeggeration underlines that eventually, the law controls everything and hence, it has to undertake a huge responsibility.

This ability of free speaking and thinking is part of freedom and therefore an inevitable basis for development in any kind of way.