Brian O’ Linn ( Traditional)

Brian O’Linn had no britches to wear
So he got him a sheepskin to make him a pair
The leather side out and the wooly side in
“Sure its great summers clothing.” said Brian

Brian O’Linn had no watch to put on
So he got him a turnip to make him a one
He put a wee cricket in under the skin
“Sure theyll think it is ticking,” said Brian

Brian O’Linn and his wife and wifes mother. They all went home over a wee bridge together. The bridge it was narrow, they all tumbled in “Sure well go home by water,” said Brian O’Linn

Brian O’Linn to his house had no door. He had the sky for a roof and the bog for a floor. He had a way to jump out and a way to swim in “Sure theres great ventilation,” said Brian O’Linn

Brian O’Linn and his wife and wifes mother
They all lay down in the one bed together
The night it was cold and the blankets were thin
“Sure Ill sleep in the middle,” said Brian O’Linn


Though he is ranked low in the society, he adapts to the grievous surroundings and and accepts the poor circumstances. In order to show his possession and a kind of humour, Brian O’Linn improvises to have a watch for example. Apart from that he seems to appreciate the things he has, not only the material stuff but also the people  whom he has close relationships with. Brian O’Linn gives and take, hence, he is no selfish person. He makes the  best out of his miserable situation and always thinks positive with humour. Therefore Brian O’Linn is a tough optimist.